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Customized & Optimized Logistics.

Prioor Logistics specializes in optimizing logistics for medium-sized businesses.

With our operational-tested Logistics-as-a-Service concept, we help medium-sized companies to optimally set up their transport logistics, reduce costs and thus gain a real competitive advantage.

Turn your Logistics Into an Advantage .

Our goal is to sustainably optimize the logistics for our clients. Through our extensive experience in the industry, we have recognized that efficient processes in transport procurement, as well as strategic and operational transport management, are essential to a company's competitive advantage. Based on these insights, we have developed our services to offer you customized solutions that make your logistics operations more effective and economical.

Procurement Excellence

We support you in the procurement of transport services and in the training of your team


We are your partner in logistics, supporting you from strategic decisions to the daily operations


We complement your network of logistics partners where it makes the most sense for you

We are working with industry experts.

At Prioor, we believe in working with the best. That's why we carefully choose our partners and service providers based on their proven skills and hands-on experience. We team up with companies that share our passion for top-notch logistics, ensuring we deliver outstanding results for our clients.

By collaborating with like-minded organizations, we create powerful synergies that drive innovation and help us improve clients logistics day by day.


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When we talk about collaboration, we are primarily concerned with working on an equal footing and feeling like a real member of your team. As experts in logistics processes and operational handling, we integrate seamlessly into your supply chain. Every day, our colleagues are passionate about improving your logistics processes step by step.

Just give it a try. You'll be amazed at the positive impact such close collaboration can have - not just for your logistics, but for your entire company. With us, it's more than just another service provider relationship, it's a partnership that really makes a difference.

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Stefan Nolte

Founder & CEO

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As a co-founder and member of the executive team, I am convinced that our diverse range of services offers significant value to mid-sized companies. Our experience across various industries has revealed that there are often untapped potentials, which are substantial. That's why we're offering a complimentary workshop where we'll walk through your logistics processes together and systematically identify opportunities. Afterward, you can decide how you wish to utilize these insights. Interested? Contact us to arrange a no-obligation appointment with one of our experts. We look forward to collaborating with you and enhancing your logistics.

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