The team makes the difference.

As a young, agile company, Prioor specializes in optimizing logistics for medium-sized companies. Our innovative Logistics-as-a-Service concept has proven itself in practice and enables our customers to optimize their logistics. With our support, companies can not only significantly reduce their costs, but also gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Our services are divided into three core areas: 4PL Managed Services, Freight Procurement Excellence and Forwarding & Warehousing. With this tried-and-tested offering, we ensure that our customers receive the ideal setup for efficient and effective logistics. At Prioor, we focus on individual solutions to meet the specific requirements of each customer and sustainably improve their logistics processes.

The "O" and "O" in Prioor

At Prioor, we set ourselves apart by approaching challenges from a fresh perspective. Our company name, with its distinctive double "O," represents our unwavering focus on optimization driven by authentic operational expertise. We firmly believe that understanding real-world situations is crucial to achieving meaningful results, and we prioritize practical solutions over theoretical models.

Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to developing optimization strategies that can be implemented rapidly and pragmatically. We strive to deliver measurable value and tangible benefits to our clients as quickly as possible. This core principle is consistently reflected across our diverse service portfolio.

We live our company values.

Our values are the foundation of our company culture and success. We create a supportive work environment where everyone feels valued and inspired to do their best.

We believe in flexibility, clear communication, and avoiding micromanagement. This helps maintain a healthy work-life balance and respects each person's individuality. As we grow, we look for people who share our values and enjoy our work culture.

By following these values, we build a strong Prioor community that appreciates everyone's unique talents and works together for success. Learn about our values and consider joining our friendly and dedicated team

Pragmatic Creativity.

At Prioor, we are committed to preparing our clients' transportation logistics for future challenges by offering innovative strategies and operational solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our approach is defined by pragmatic creativity, as we continuously challenge the status quo and seek new opportunities for improvement while ensuring practicality and rapid feasibility.

Discover how our approaches can keep your business ahead in a rapidly evolving transportation landscape. By leveraging our unique blend of creativity and pragmatism, we work alongside our clients to optimize their logistics operations, increase efficiency, and create sustainable, long-term success.

Improve your logistics today.

We believe that with our services we can immediately help you improving your logistics. Book your first appointment today to check the possibilities.

Das Team.

Unsere Logistikexperten können allesamt auf eine fundierte Ausbildung und viele Jahre praktische Logistikerfahrung zurückgreifen. Unser Team vergrößert sich ständig mit spezialisierten Beratern und Experten der Operative. Unser Ziel ist es, jedem Kunden das passende Team mit spezifischer Expertise zur Seite zu stellen. Um dies zu erreichen kooperieren wir auch mit externen Fachexperten.

Stefan Nolte


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Marco Vollmann


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Logistikexperten aus der Optimierung

Je nach Projektschwerpunkt arbeiten wir mit Logistikexperten aus unterschiedlichen Fachbereichen zusammen. So wird unser Team optimal ergänzt.


Logistikexperten aus der Operativen

Praxiserfahrung ist in der operativen Logistik von besonderer Wichtigkeit. Unsere Logistikexperten verfügen über gebündelte Erfahrung in unterschiedlichen Branchen.

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