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We have the privilege of supporting companies of all sizes - from start-ups working on their first logistics concept to global corporations - and working with them on an equal footing to make their logistics more efficient, transparent and structured. Our services, shaped by the knowledge gained from numerous successful projects, are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each customer. At Prioor, our focus is on you: we listen, analyze and develop tailor-made solutions that sustainably improve your logistics processes and drive your business forward.

Tender Management

Our team specializes in providing comprehensive support in analyzing and evaluating your current logistics setup. We leverage our insights to optimize your tender management and transport procurement, ensuring measurable improvements. Even if you do not currently have a strategic freight purchasing process in place, we are ready to develop this with you. Our expertise, gained from a multitude of projects with both small and large companies, enables us to identify and establish the ideal setup with you. Our aim is to strengthen your logistics processes sustainably and to give you a real competitive edge.

Freight Benchmarking

Are you unsure whether your current freight rates are in line with the market? Does the increasing volatility in various freight sectors concern you? We assist you with in-depth market insights and advanced software solutions for accurate evaluation. Our operational activities with renowned companies have given us extensive knowledge of market developments, which we can directly leverage for your benefit. Rely on our expertise to optimize your freight rates and effectively respond to market challenges.

Incoterm Harmonization

Are your Incoterm agreements resembling a patchwork? We assist you in strategically realigning and offer a comprehensive evaluation of your current scenario, including developments in freight costs and specific changes in customs procedures. Our service portfolio also includes the potential onboarding of suppliers. Rely on our expertise to streamline your Incoterms and optimize your logistics processes, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Transport Management Coaching

While we look forward to supporting you operationally, we consistently find that there is already a wealth of know-how and capacity within your team. Our Transport Management Coaching is designed to train your team in all areas – from strategy to operational implementation – and develop them into experts in transport management. As your strategic partner, we remain at your side in day-to-day business, providing valuable market analyses and practical tips. Rest assured that we support you not only in training your team but also continuously stand by you with invaluable expertise and industry-specific insights.

Strategic Transport Management

Global transport networks are inherently complex. Our team offers targeted support in strategic alignment and in selecting suitable transport partners. Our in-depth experience in specific markets enables us to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of various service providers and identify potential pitfalls for your company. This expertise directly informs our consulting services, ensuring that your transport strategy is not only efficient but also tailored to your unique needs. Rely on our knowledge and experience to optimize your global transport activities and make them a vital part of your business success.

Transportation Control Tower

Does transport logistics fall outside your core competencies? Is your transport logistics managed from procurement, while the focus lies on other areas of your business? Do you lack the ability or desire to establish a dedicated transport department? This is where we come in! Armed with a comprehensive toolkit of tools, systems, processes, and the necessary operational know-how, we will realign your transport sector. We orchestrate it centrally and across different modes of transport. You will be amazed at the advantages and efficiency gains this concept can bring to your business. Trust us to transform your transport logistics into a seamless and efficient part of your business processes.

Freight Invoice Auditing (FIA)

In times of skilled labor shortages and negative demographic trends, the automation of business processes is becoming increasingly important. We specialize in automating invoice verification, providing effective support to logistics departments in their day-to-day operations. By conducting a 100% audit of all invoices, we identify incorrect billings and uncover additional potential. Rely on our expertise to enhance your process efficiency and allow you to focus on your core business.

Logistics Back Office Services

Is your team lacking the time to effectively manage all logistics processes? Or would you like your team to refocus on their core tasks? We offer support with back-office activities such as system maintenance, rate management, or tracking of shipments. We can also take on purchasing tasks. Our goal is to alleviate the burden on your team, enabling you to concentrate on what's essential. Rely on our expertise to streamline and smooth out your logistics processes efficiently.

Extended Transport Logistics

Through our extensive experience in numerous projects and operational activities along the transport chains, we have developed a comprehensive network of partners and contracts. Whether it concerns air or sea freight, rail shipments, or urgent special transports, we offer our expertise where your current setup still needs improvement. Our goal is to complete your transport solutions, enabling you to efficiently and effectively meet every logistics challenge. Rely on our know-how and our broad network to seamlessly and successfully manage your logistics processes.

Warehouse Management

We understand the challenges that arise in the collaboration between procurement and logistics. These challenges often start at the order level and continue through to the management of inventory and shipping orders. In this context, we provide support in maintaining ERP systems and help bridge communication gaps. By implementing supply chain collaboration tools, we eliminate opacity and make both departments more efficient. Our goal is to promote seamless operations within your company by optimizing the synchronization between procurement and logistics, thereby contributing to your business success.

Carrier Management & Risk Identification

Do you want to optimize your collaboration with logistics partners, implement KPI systems, and sustainably assess performance? We are here to support you from the evaluation to the selection of new logistics partners. A key focus of our services is on identifying potential risks and implementing effective early warning systems. Our aim is not only to assist you in choosing suitable partners but also to ensure that your logistics processes run smoothly and efficiently. Rely on our expertise to strengthen your logistics strategy and steer your company towards sustainable success.

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